Frequently Asked Questions


Just some of our usual inquiries

1.  Do I have to choose one of your menus?  

No!  Seed to Serve prides itself on being creative. We would be happy to work with your budget to create a menu that works for you!

2. What if I have guests that have special dietary needs?  

Our chefs are happy to prepare a spectacular meal just for your special guests.  We ask that you let us know in advance, so we can make their dish and lovable as yours.

3.  A kitchen outdoors?  Sounds complicated, what do you need to succeed?  

For large events, we require access to power and water.  For small events, power will do fine, but we prefer access to water too.  We take care of all the rest.  

4. Have an event that needs a massive amount of meals?    

We commonly serve 750+ meals a day.  We love a challenge, drop us a line and we can make greatness happen.    

5. Okay, I want to book Seed to Serve for an event.  What should I have ready when I contact you?  

Check out the things to consider before completing an event form.  Still unsure and need to pick our brains? Call us or fill out a general contact form and we'll be in touch to help.  Our chefs are happy to discuss menu options in detail, or help you create your own!

Things to Consider

1.How many guests are you inviting?

2.Where will wedding be held,  what is the venue, and what is the date?

3.Does your venue allow outside caterers? (some venues have exclusive contracts with catering companies)

4.Will services be held indoors or out?

5.Which type of service would you like? on-site cooking or drop off?

6.Real china or disposable serving wares?

7.Would you like drink or coffee stations?

8.Do you have any ideas on type of cuisine?