Who We Are


We believe in real food and real people.

We have a passion for fresh, vibrant food, with simplicity and attention to detail being the primary ingredients.

We are committed to sourcing as local as possible. So much so that we strive to have on hand produce that has been grown, harvested and prepared by us: from Seed to Serve.

Chef Kevin

To me, serving food and drinks with impeccable service is not enough. I feel it is important to go further, to think and act responsibly by rethinking common practices to help reduce our carbon footprint, to care deeply, and to (hopefully) inspire creativity.

The Company

We are committed to serving the freshest possible meals and going extra lengths. With our made from scratch recipes, passion for the use of local and sustainable agriculture, friendly customer service, and the atmosphere we create, our number one priority is creating an unforgettable experience... From concept to clean-up, Seed to Serve's experienced team is committed to delivering exceptional service and atmosphere.  Whatever your vision, Seed to Serve can turn it into a reality.

Seed to Serve Gardens

organically grown produce.

Seed to Serve is proud to have an urban garden right here in Columbus!