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We take great pride in preparing healthy and delicious meals that provide sustainable fuel to your staff, production, security & artists. Allowing them to recharge and re energize so they may perform in their respective roles to the best of their capacity, which in turn gives the festival the best opportunity to provide an inspiring experience to its attendees!

Festivals we've cooked for 

Lost Lands 2017

Hulaween 2017 & 18

Rootwire 2011-2014, 2017 & 18

The Werk Out 2012/VIP Hospitality 2012-2018
Hyperion 2015 & 2016

Color Dance 2014,2015 & 2017

Family Roots 2015

Bands we have cooked for

Maroon 5

Fleetwood Mac

Bob Seger

Bon Jovi



Matchbox 20

Joe Bonamassa

Bayou Country Music Festival

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