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Our Team

To us, serving food and drinks with impeccable service is not enough. We feel it is important to go further, to think and act responsibly by rethinking common practices to help reduce our carbon footprint, to care deeply, and to (hopefully) inspire creativity.

Our Garden

We have a passion for fresh, vibrant food, with simplicity and attention to detail being the primary ingredients.

We are committed to sourcing as local as possible. So much so that we strive to have on hand produce that has been grown, harvested and prepared by us: from Seed to Serve.

Our Places

Our preference is to cook on-site, wherever that may be. On-site cooking guarantees that your meal will be served at its peak/freshest moment and that your guests will be provided with a unique interactive dining experience. We offer a full gourmet and mini mobile kitchen that can be built just about anywhere! We are looking forward to sharing our passion for food at new locations with you!

Columbus and the Surrounding Area

The Rural Society at Warwick Farms

ComFest-Columbus, Ohio

Jorgensen Farms-New Albany, Ohio

Playground Expo-Powell, Ohio

Camp Mary Orton, Ohio

Other Places in Ohio

Canyon Run Ranch-Pleasant Hill, Ohio

Lodge at Laurel Run Farm-Nelsonville, Ohio

Ash Cave Getaway Chapel-Logan, Ohio


Legend Valley

Apple Valley Lake

Out of State

Hulaween Music Festival, Florida

Adirondacks, upstate NY

Cedar Ridge-Seymour, Indiana

Stable Studios-Spencer, Indiana

Sunshine Daydream- Terra Alta, West Virginia

Health and Wellness Expos

Mt. Carmel Fitness and Health-Lewis Center, Ohio

The Farmers Table-Lima, Ohio

Kaiser Aluminum Wellness Fair-Heath, Ohio

The Columbus Zoo-Ohio Health Walk MS Event

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